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  • Why does Celtic Connection call their food 'Holistic'?
    At Celtic Connection, we recognize that all parts of your pet's body are interconnected and must work together to provide the most benefit to the 'whole'. Your pet is not just its skin and fur, its stomach and intestines, its teeth and muscles, or its nerves and brain - so why make a pet food that focuses on just one of these? All of your pet's organs must function at their best, work together and support each other, to provide the best possible health. That is why we include lots of real meat and use steam to cook our recipes to ensure more of the natural vitamins and minerals are retained. We also include functional herbs to support and stimulate the 5 detox organs in your pet's body, and of course we include therapeutic amounts of joint support to keep your pet comfortable, active and moving. This stimulates the movement of lymph and boosts the immune system to keep your pet healthy. The Celtic Connection meaning of 'holistic' means not focusing on keeping just one part of your pet healthy, but keeping all parts of your pet healthy!
  • Why are there two proteins in Celtic Connection recipes instead of just one?
    Single source protein pet food is wonderful for pets that are sensitive to specific proteins. However, they do not always provide enough of all the nutrients your pet needs, so you often need to change your pet's food after only a few months. We discovered that by combining at least two types of protein from the same animal group, our recipes remain hypoallergenic while also being delicious, complete and balanced to provide all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy and comfortable. So your pet can enjoy our recipes indefinitely and you do not need to go in search of another food every few months to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrition it needs!
  • Why do you include MSM in your recipes? Aren't glucosamine and chondroitin enough to protect the joints?
    MSM (or its long name Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural form of sulphur. Studies have proven that MSM not only makes glucosamine and chondroitin more effective in resolving joint pain and repairing tissues, it is also a natural antioxidant and supports the immune system. So it helps your pet's joints as well as its entire body!
  • How much calcium and phosphorus are in your recipes?
    Since calcium limits the amount of phosphorus that your pet's body absorbs, and phosphorus limits the amount of calcium that is absorbed, we created our recipes with our veterinary nutritionists based on the ratio of these minerals instead of the individual numbers to ensure the best balance for your pet's health. Depending on the recipe, the calcium : phosphorus ratio of our dog food recipes is between 1.01-1.40 : 1.0. For our cat food recipes, they are between 1.08-1.47 : 1.0.
  • Should I be concerned about the ash content in Celtic Connection recipes?
    The word 'ash' on pet food labels tells you the amount of minerals that are left after all the protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrates and moisture are removed. Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc in our recipes all show up here, but also our therapeutic amounts of joint support. In the 1970's and 1980s, it was thought that ash caused urinary tract problems in cats, but it has since been found that the issues were caused by grain in the food and not the ash content.
  • Do you do samples?
    No, we don't. 🙃 Because a sample is simply too small to know if your pet really loves our unique recipes or just went crazy for them because they thought it was a new treat. And if your pet has loose stools or itchy skin, a single mouthful will not let you see if our patent-pending formulations will have the effect you are hoping for.🧐 You can find trial bags in our webshop that can feed your pet for 5-10 days so you can see not only how well the food 'goes in', but also, how it 'comes out'! 💩
  • Are Celtic Connection recipes okay for puppies or kittens?
    Yes! All our recipes have been developed with our veterinary nutritionists for all life stages - from puppy/kitten to senior.
  • My pet is not a senior. Why should I give joint support (glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM)?
    As your pet grows and plays, it uses its joints every day which can lead to injury or damage. The therapeutic amounts of the joint support in our recipes support cartilage and help repair damaged tissues so your pet's joints remain in great condition as they age for a long, active, and comfortable life.
  • Which recipe do you suggest starting my puppy or kitten on?
    We recommend starting puppies on our Salmon with Trout & Sweet Potato or Lamb with Goat & Sweet Potato recipes. For kittens, our Chicken with Duck & Turkey is the favourite.
  • How much should I feed my pet?
    The amount of calories your pet needs depends on a lot of different factors including age, breed, gender, activity level, season and environment, to name a few. So feeding according to only a table or a percentage of your pet's weight can be misleading. When starting on our recipes, choose the line in our feeding table that shows the target weight range your pet SHOULD be as an adult - this is not always their current weight! Then choose the column for the age and/or activity level. Where these two meet, you'll find a suggested feeding amount, for example, 80-185g. If your pet's ideal target weight is closer to the lower end of the weight range start closer to the lower end of the suggested amount. Is the ideal adult weight closer to the upper end? Then begin with the higher suggested amount. Feed this amount for about 2 weeks and then - this is the very important part! - FEEL with your hands along the sides of your dog . You should be able to feel the ribs with a thin layer of fat over them. If you do, then this amount of food is perfect for your pet. If you can clearly feel the front and back of each rib they need a bit more. Increase the amount of food by about 10%. And if you feel just "one big rib", they need a bit less. Decrease the amount by 10%. Feed this new amount for 2 weeks , FEEL again and adjust as necessary. Continue to adjust until you find the perfect amount for your fur-baby. But do also keep in mind that the number of calories needed can change during the year - more or fewer walks , "growth spurts" or changing temperatures can affect your pet's needs. A table or percentage cannot take all these factors into consideration.
  • Can I switch between Celtic Connection recipes?
    Yes! Our recipes have been created so you can easily switch between them whenever you or your pet chooses. We have pet parents that feed one recipe until the bag is finished before changing to another, and others that change every day, or even at every meal.
  • How do you suggest switching over to Celtic Connection? Do I need to do it gradually?
    If your pet is already experiencing digestive distress - vomiting or diarrhea - we suggest making the switch to our recipes from one day to the next. There is no need to continue to feed your pet a food that is causing them discomfort and the situation will generally clear up in a day or two.
  • I think there is a mistake in the feeding table. The amount shown for to feed puppies as they get older goes down.
    It is no mistake! As puppies reach full maturity, they need fewer calories. Smaller dogs mature faster, so the amount decreases as they reach 1 year old. This is again why it is so important to use your hands to determine your puppy's condition, not your eyes or a feeding table. (See 'How much should I feed?' above)
  • Which recipe is best for dogs with sensitive digestion?
    We recommend starting sensitive dogs on our Salmon with Trout & Sweet Potato or our Lamb with Goat & Sweet Potato.
  • Which Celtic Connection recipe is best for dogs with food allergies/sensitivities?
    Many pets are sensitive to chicken, so if you are not certain which protein source causes your pet digestive difficulties, we suggest trying our Salmon with Trout & Sweet Potato, Duck with Goose & Sweet Potato or Lamb with Goat & Sweet Potato for a few weeks first. All of our recipes are complete and balanced, so your pet can enjoy the recipes that work best for them throughout their life.
  • Can I combine Celtic Connection with raw feeding?
    Yes! Because our recipes contain 70% meat ingredients and are grain and gluten-free, they will not disrupt the pH in your raw-fed pet's digestive system. We have many happy pet parents who feed raw for one meal and our recipes for the next, feed our recipes during the week and raw in the weekend, or take our recipes on holiday or as treats to feed their raw-fed pet when they are away from home!
  • Can I feed Celtic Connection to my Dalmatian?
    We know that purine levels are very important for Dalmatians so we tested all our recipes. Our Duck with Goose & Sweet Potato come out as the lowest in purines. Our Salmon with Trout & Sweet Potato recipe was the highest and we would not recommend it for pets following a reduced purine diet. For more information, see this Facebook post.
  • Do puppies and kittens really need joint support?
    As young animals grow, they use the nutrients from their food to build all parts of their bodies - including their joints. The added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in Celtic Connection recipes gives their joints extra support during their development and the best start possible for a long, active and comfortable life.
  • How long will the food stay fresh after the bag is opened?
    Once opened and kept in their original paper packaging, our recipes will stay fresh for 6-8 weeks.
  • What is the best way to store the food after opening the bag?
    We recommend leaving the food in the original paper packaging, rolling it down tightly and placing the closed bag into a metal container with a lid. When it is time to feed your pet, scoop the required amount out of the bag instead of tipping it. This will prevent oxygen from swirling around inside the bag and help keep the contents fresh longer. You can also store the food in its original packaging in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  • How can I become a trade partner and carry Celtic Connection in my shop?
    Please visit the website of our worldwide distributor Emgee Trading bvba Emgee Trading bvba for more information.
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